Goldsmith’s workshop

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Size adjustment
Bezel Welding

Creation of gold and silver jewellery

"..experience and love for our work are here to serve your desires.."

Creating a piece of jewellery, perhaps even designed by you, is an excitement to share. Each piece is a treasure, a sentimental endowment to be passed on from generation to generation: an unbreakable thread linking past and future.
If you have bought a precious stone, take good care of it. Always store it back in its protective case and never loose with other stones which could damage the surface. A precious stone shines like a light: keeping it clean is indispensable to enjoy its natural beauty. Once a year it is a good idea to have the mounting checked by an expert specialist, to avoid the risk of accidentally losing a stone, and to have the stone properly polished, removing any little scratches and returning it to its full glory.

Size adjustment

Can be carried out on bracelets, rings and necklaces. This consists of enlarging or reducing, where possible, the dimensions of a piece of jewellery. This involves a series of meticulous and delicate operations which only expert goldsmiths can carry out fully respecting the originality of the object.

Jewellery repair and restoration

This includes: soldering, reshaping, setting stones, jewellery cleaning and rhodium plating of jewellery in white gold to exalt its shine.


To personalise your jewellery and imprint on the article the most important moments of your life.

Threading of necklaces and bracelets in pearl, coral and stones.

For necklaces or bracelets which are worn often, it is recommended to have them rethreaded at least once a year or at the first signs of wear on the thread, in order to maintain the initial splendour of the piece. In particular, it is important to ensure that the threading is done with a knot between one "bead" and the next. This avoids the pearls or stones rubbing against each other and ensures that if the thread were to break the pearls would not scatter.
The greatest risk for pearls and coral is chemicals. Beauty products such as perfumes, cosmetics and hairspray contain chemicals which can damage and corrode the surface, rendering the jewellery irreversibly opaque. The acids contained in oily lotions and in perspiration can also have the same effect. It is important, therefore, to put the jewellery on only after finishing your make-up, and it is always a good idea to clean the piece with a soft, damp cloth before putting it away after use. To avoid scratching, this type of jewellery must always be kept separate from other jewellery with precious stones and from contact with other metals. The best place to keep it is in a little jewellery bag or in a separate compartment of your jewellery case.