Gemological laboratory

Diamonds Sale of sealed diamonds with their technical certification detailing the characteristics of the diamond: carats, colour and purity. For weights over 0.30 carats, I.G.I. ANTWERP G.I.A. H.R.D. Certification.

There are very precise methods of evaluating and classifying precious stones. Our laboratory adheres rigidly to these in order to help you appreciate this precious world and guide you in your choice of purchases.

Since time immemorial humankind has been spellbound by precious stones. While in previous centuries jewels were the domain of the powerful social classes, today each of us can afford precious or semi-precious stones in the form of jewellery or ornaments. However, the number of gems on the market (in particular those used in fashion jewellery) is such that for those not working in the sector it is impossible to make knowledgeable choices. Our gemological laboratory can guide our clients in the choice of the precious stone most suitable for the occasion and defend them against possible confusion with synthetic or imitation stones.

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